Clear Subaru Timing Belt Cover –  EJ20 and EJ25

Meet our stylish and modern clear subaru timing belt cover for Subaru cars.

We have created unique, transparent, polycarbonate Clear Subaru Timing Belt Covers for the owners of Impreza and Legacy models. Thanks to their design, the engine parts which have been previously concealed, now add to the beauty and elegance of the car, giving the owner a lot of visual pleasure.

Clear Subaru Timing Belt Covers have been tested for mounting stability and high working temperature – up to 145 degrees Celsius

Our transparent covers are not just an exclusive finishing touch to the soul of Your car but also a practical tool, adding to the safety of its use. The possibility to see the timing system allows the owner to dedect a malfunction by simple visual inspection.


  • all EJ20 and EJ25
  • model years 1999 – 2007

Satis Tech – we beautify the soul of Your car

13572-AA043 Cover
Rocker cover 13572 AA043
Rocker cover 13572 AA043 EJ20
Subaru 13572 AA043
13572 AA043 EJ25
13572-AA043 Subaru EJ20 EJ25
13572AA043 Rocker cover

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