Injection moulds

How are injection moulds created?

1. Project of the element

  • a three-dimensional model of the element (3D model)
  • establishing cast alignment
  • the choice of materials used to create the element (taking shrinkages into consideration)
  • surface finishing (surface quality, texture, structure, colour – the final finish of the product)
  • tolerances of the manufactured element
  • method of delivery of the element, considering installation requirements
Project of the element
Project of the element

2. Project of the injection mould

  • the choice of materials for the mould
  • division – outlining the elements of the mould and choosing normalised materials
  • considering the type of connection with the moulding machine to be used
  • considering cast shrinkages
  • checking the mould elements’ collision factor
  • preparing CNC programs and the technology used to create the mould
Project of the injection mould 02
Project of the injection mould 03
Project of the injection mould 04

3. Mould creation

  • purchase of materials
  • manufacture of projected elements – CNC milling
  • hardening
  • grinding
  • EDM processing (die-sink and wire-cut)
  • surface cleaning
  • threading
  • matching
  • socket inspection
  • tightness inspection
Mould creation 01
Mould creation

4. First test of the mould

  • mould functionality check
  • manufacturing first elements
  • measurement of the manufactured elements after the initial tests
  • quality evaluation
First test of the mould
First test of the mould

5. Post-test mould adjustment

  • removal of flashes
  • dimensional adjustment
  • surface finishing according to the project specification
Post-test mould adjustment
Post-test mould adjustment 02

6. Final tests

Final tests
Final tests

7. Element


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